Scottish beer and pubs worth £1.7 billion


THE Scottish beer and pub industry employs nearly 60,000 people and contributes over £1.7 billion to the national economy every year, an Oxford Economics report has revealed.

The Scottish beer and pub industry supports almost 60,000 jobs.

Commissioned by the Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA), which launched the report to a group of MSPs last week (March 9) in Kilderkin pub on the Royal Mile, the document is said to highlight the importance of the industry to Scotland’s economy, particularly in terms of employing young people; of the 40,380 direct jobs created by the industry, 38% are said to be held by people aged under-25.

Overall, a total of 58,300 jobs are sustained through the beer and pub sector in Scotland, with £800 million paid in wages annually.

The report also revealed a continued high level of investment by the industry in Scotland, with £148 million provided in capital funding. And it stressed the tax strain on the sector – with almost £1bn worth of taxes hitting the industry each year.

Brigid Simmonds, SBPA chief executive, commented that the report “really illustrates the importance of our industry to the Scottish economy”.

“Our sector supports almost 60,000 vital jobs in Scotland, and it is particularly important that we can go on boosting employment, which is why further supportive measures for our industry are needed,” she said.

“This is especially crucial for young people, with 38% of the industry workforce made up of under-25s. Brewing and pubs are providing a part-time opportunity for some, a rewarding lifelong career for many, and experience and skills for all.”

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